Labtech – Biomedical

This trainer is designed for use in technical education programs where technicians are
to be trained for posituons in hospital equipment maintenance, medical research and
medical sales and service
General Front end Instrumentation amplifier
Power Supply
Low Pass Filter
High Pass Filter
Full Wave biomedical Signal Rectifier
Notch Filter 50hz and 60hz
Fi nal Stage Buffer and Isolation Barrier
Signal Conditioning and Front End Instrumental Amplifier
Digital counter
Biomedical Signal Simulator
Differential Pressure sensor/sphygmomanometer
GSR skin Impedance sensor
Photoplethysmograph (PPG) sensor
Body Temperature sensor
Respiratory floe head sensor
Body potential electrode (disposable)
Audiometer module
Respiration Rate module
Hand dynamometer module
Test leads
Data acquisition (bio-recorder) Module

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